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Breeds of hearing dogs

The dog breeds we use are limited and selected according to several criteria.

Indeed, a good hearing assistance dog must be able to carry out its mission while remaining discreet; it must also be easy to care for.

What are the criteria for a good hearing dog?

Of course, within the same breed of dog, each puppy is different: it’s therefore a real job for the trainer, helped by the breeder, to identify the right puppy, which will correspond both to the characteristics needed for his work and to the needs and habits of his future owner.

It is only after this selection that the dog will enter training to become a hearing dog.

What is the most used breed by the Association les Chiens du Silence?

un groupe de bergers australiens de toutes les couleurs se prélasse dans le parc du chenil

Australian Shepherd

Origin: Developed in the United States but originally from the Basque Country

Size and weight:

Female: 46 to 53 cm at the shoulder, for 17 to 25 kg

Male: up to 58 cm at the shoulders, up to 32 kg


A shepherd dog by excellence, the Australian Shepherd is affectionate, playful and full of character. Intelligent and muscular, they are, like many shepherds, a quality working dog.

Why are they suitable as hearing assistance dogs?

This breed has a natural ability to observe its environment, sorting out indoor and outdoor sounds and making quick decisions.

They are agile, elegant and docile dogs: their high energy level is essential for detecting all daily noises.

They come with or without a tail, and in many different colors, each with its own interesting nuances: there’s a good reason why they’ve been one of France’s favorite dogs for many years!

This is the historic breed we train at the association! They represent around 95% of the dogs we give out.

All our puppies since 2013 have come from quality litters from Du Chemin Des Korrigans kennels, with whom we work to select the best puppies to become hearing dogs.

Other breeds used...

un labrador en formation de chien d'assistance écouteur


Origin: Canada

Size and weight:

Female: 51 to 56 cm at the shoulders, 28 to 33 kg

Male: up to 61 cm at the shoulders, up to 35 kg


Gentle, intelligent, patient and affectionate, Labradors have many qualities. It is often used as an assistance dog, as it has an appropriate character and listens well to its owner.

un golden retriever en formation pour devenir chien d'assistance écouteur

Golden retriever

Origin: United Kingdom

Size and weight:

Female: 51 to 56 cm at the shoulders, 24 to 28 kg

Male: up to 61 cm at the shoulders, up to 34 kg


The Golden Retriever is a hardy dog that learns quickly and loves to please.

It’s an easy-going breed that can cope with city life. Thanks to these characteristics, they are also often used as service dogs.

Please note: this is only offered on an exceptional, case-by-case basis.

This is particularly important for the elderly or for people with multiple disabilities: an Australian Shepherd is often too high-maintenance and too energetic for them.

Occasionally, an Australian Shepherd is not suitable for a recipient: in this case, after the technical department has studied the file, we can decide to choose another breed to best meet the identified needs.

The acquisition of puppies has a cost, which is entirely supported by the Association les Chiens du Silence: the dogs are given for free to their recipients.

It’s thanks to the generosity of the public that we can continue this mission, which is so dear to our hearts!

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