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Our commitments

To ensure the quality of its free services to deaf and hard-of-hearing people, the association is committed on many levels.

Find out what makes our association a place you can trust!

We respect 3 fundamental pillars to ensure that our actions are qualitative:

Animal welfare

The well-being of our dogs is our priority.

From the moment the request is studied by the commission, special attention is paid to ensuring that the potential future owner will be able to provide the necessary care.

From puppy selection to handover, training is carried out with respect for the dog's nature. Games, walks and love are also points that are not neglected throughout the dog's time at the training center.
During his 2 years at the association, any dog that could not support his future owner in the best possible conditions, for example due to a health problem, will be retired and offered for adoption to a loving family: it's out of the question for us to hand over a dog that isn't in the best of shape - his health and happiness come first!

After the handover, regular follow-up is provided to ensure that everything is going well. The support provided by the dog is always in tune with its nature, and the owner must give it all the love it deserves!
In the event of health problems, or from the age of 7 onwards, the dog is medically monitored, and may be retired if his companionship is detrimental to his health.

In any case, at 10 years of age, it's time to retire: the dog deserves a few years' rest after taking care of his owner for so long!

Humanity, respect and diversity

Our mission is human in nature, with the primary aim of helping people with disabilities, hearing impairments or deafness, so respect, humanity and diversity are at the heart of our values!

We are committed to diversity, putting everyone on an equal footing, whatever their sexual orientation, family situation, religion and beliefs, origins or difficulties. This applies to our teams as much as to the applicants for our dogs: what matters to us is the human aspect, the tangible requirements and the potential difficulties on which we base our assessment.

The association is therefore committed to treating its teams, volunteers and partners, as well as its beneficiaries and applicants for hearing dogs, with the necessary respect, patience and humanity!

Transparency and ethics

We are aware that a relationship of trust requires a high level of transparency, which is why we are committed to indicating the actual use of your support, whether financial, voluntary or otherwise.

In any case, we believe that if you support our action, it's because you want your contribution to be used directly for the achievement of our goals. We have therefore kept our operating costs to a minimum in order to guarantee this.
Overall, and on average, our costs can be broken down as follows: 57% of our costs are directly linked to the dogs, 10% are linked to awareness-raising campaigns and 33% are operating costs.

If we take the case of a hearing dog, which costs around €15,000, entirely covered by the organization, 80% of this amount is totally dedicated to the dog's development and well-being...

We are committed to ensuring that, whatever the future development of the Association les Chiens du Silence, your donations and support will always be used wisely, ethically and transparently!

The members of our Executive Committee and our Board of Directors are the custodians of the respect of these fundamentals and the successful realization of our missions. They are attentive to all feedback and comments, both positive and negative, with a view to constantly improving the activities of the Association les Chiens du Silence.

A single goal: the quality of our actions on behalf of the hearing impaired and deaf!

All operating, acquisition and training costs for the dogs are entirely supported by the Association les Chiens du Silence: the donation of an assistance dog is in fact free of charge for the recipient.

Your help makes this mission achievable!