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Make a donation to the non-profit les Chiens du Silence

How do we use your donations?

By donating to our non-profit organization, you support all our actions!

Each and every one of your donations is put to good use, helping deaf and hard-of-hearing people in tangible ways. The majority of funds are used for the welfare and education of our assistance dogs, and to finance awareness-raising campaigns all over France.

Because we are aware that when you make a donation to a cause, you certainly want it to be used directly for the good of that cause, we have kept our operating costs to a minimum.

Dog-related expenses
0 %
Operating expenses
0 %
Raising public awareness
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In the end, from its arrival at the Chiens du Silence educational center to its retirement, a dog represents a cost of around €15,000, 80% of which is dedicated to its development!

Here are a few specific examples of what a donation can help to finance:

  • 1 month of food for a dog
  • the full recipient kit (leash, cape, collar)

Ready to help ?

Simply fill in the form below and send your donation by credit card via the secure HelloAsso interface. You will automatically receive your tax receipt by e-mail (in French only).

If you make a monthly donation, you can cancel it at any time by logging into your user area on

Making a donation is...
  • helping a disabled person
  • giving happiness
  • a good deed

Thank you for your help: without you, nothing would be possible!

8 septembre 2024

logo journée nationale des chiens du silence

Vide-greniers, marché de producteurs, démonstrations du travail des chiens d’assistance écouteurs, animations pour petits et grands…

Entrée gratuite pour le public – restauration sur place

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